Missions & Outreach

Mission trips for 2019

Ellendale Baptist Church is all about missions.  We’re involved in our community, our city, our country, and the world.  Our slogan is, “From the neighborhoods of Bartlett to the nations of the world.”  This year we will be serving in all these areas in many different ways.

For instance, here is the list of mission trips for the summer:

Comayagua, Honduras

Located in the center of Honduras, Comayagua is a city of about 152,000 people.  The mountains around the city are populated with coffee growers.  These people are of low income and need help with physical, medical, and educational assistance.  El Ayudante is a ministry that God has called to serve these people.  EA meets these people’s needs and then tells them about Jesus.  Mission teams go to assist EA in their ministry.

El Ayudante is there for the long term. Although they use the energy of short-term missions teams to meet needs, each activity fits into the larger picture of serving their communities where they need it the most. Because of this consistent involvement, a short-term project is part of a lasting, long-term change.

This year we will send two teams, one in February/March and another in May/June.

Mead, Colorado

Located in the greater Denver area, Mead, Colorado, is home to Bruce and Lisa Hendrich who are Church Planters.  Thousands of young adults, who have spiritual curiosities and needs, are settling into this beautiful, scenic city.  In June, we will send a team from EBC to help reach these young families through a sports camp.  Many, many young families are reached through this ministry.  The children are coached in a variety of sports, then they hear about Jesus.

Ocoee Outreach in Cleveland, Tennessee

Located in Cleveland, Tennessee, in the Appalachian mountains, the ministry of Ocoee Outreach is to reach the less fortunate people of that area.  Ocoee Outreach’s website says this about their ministry:

“It is the Mission of Ocoee Outreach to share the love of Christ with others by restoring homes, renewing hope, and reaching hearts.

Our goal is to use the tools of home repair and outreach for children, seniors, and families to introduce them to Jesus Christ!”

It will be our joy to go back to Ocoee again this July to serve these people by improving their living conditions and then sharing with them Jesus’ love for them.

The Mississippi Delta

We are going to Cleveland, Mississippi, in the heart of the Delta to help reach out to the less fortunate through block parties.  Our team will work through the leadership of a local church to minister to these people.  Pray with us that the Lord would use our efforts to draw souls to Himself.