Tuesday, March 17th

By March 17, 2020 COVID-19 Church Update

Hello church family, Pastor Fred here.

I wanted to update everyone on tomorrow’s activities in light of recent area concerns over the potential spread of the coronavirus. If you follow us on Facebook, you heard this information already. We are planning to have 9AM Bible Study and 10:15AM Worship as scheduled tomorrow, March 15. However, we are taking considerable precautions. Our coffee stations will not be open. The offering will be received at the doors at the end of the service, and we will not have a greeting time during the service. If you are immune compromised or are in a high risk category of susceptibility to the virus, we encourage you to stay at home and worship with us via Facebook or YouTube. Certainly, if you are symptomatic, please do the same.

All evening services, bible studies and activities have been cancelled for tomorrow night as well as all activities during the week this coming week (including Wednesday night services). We have made these decisions after much deliberation and prayer, as well as consultation with city leadership, and we will be monitoring the progression of the virus closely in the days ahead.

Our desire is to be wise but not fearful. We are not hopeless in this global pandemic, as our hope is not in our health, but in Jesus. Let’s pray for this situation, that perhaps God will use it to do a great good in our city.

Thanks for your prayers, and whether it’s at church (from a safe social distance) or online, I hope to see you tomorrow!


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